A Streamlined Process

Etna works with businesses to make the permit process as streamlined as possible.

  • 1. Register your business in Etna.

    Business Registration is required by the Borough of Etna to ensure businesses are located in the proper zoning district, have a certificate of occupancy, and are registered with the Borough of Etna.  The fee for Business Registration is $30.

  • 2. Obtain a sign permit.

    A Sign Permit is required by the Borough of Etna when undertaking the installation, alteration, relocation, or changing of a sign.  This ensures that your sign complies with the Borough's zoning ordinance.  The fee for Sign Permit Application is $20.

  • 3. If you want to make changes to the building, obtain a zoning permit and a construction permit.

    A Zoning Permit and a Construction Permit are required by the Borough of Etna when undertaking any alterations to the property or changes to the property's use.  This ensures that any alterations comply with the Borough's zoning ordinance and meet safety standards.  The fee for a Zoning Permit is $30.  The Construction Permit fee will be assessed upon approval.

  • Get set. Go!

    Once you have completed the three steps above, your business is ready to operate in Etna!